Taking a chance

I started creating this website over 6 months ago and never published it. I didn’t because I thought there wasn’t a purpose, feeling that I would be just a little fish in a big pond of bigger fish. But all these months later, I realize that there’s fault in that way of thinking…
All the bigger fish started as little fish right?
To delve a little deeper…
We may not feel that we are as valuable as we are, all the time, but perhaps we don’t always know (or need to know) our importance. Maybe that feeling of non-importance is in itself, important. Maybe you are more important at that time to others, or perhaps that part of the journey will be the most valuable to you in hindsight.
Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to do something if I don’t think the end result is going to be what I want it to be (and NOW — patience is a virtue!) and so I don’t take a chance. It’s that I don’t think I will stand out, or I won’t be recognized, or maybe I’m just going to be wasting my time. But now as I type this, I realize that is ridiculous! If for nothing else, I may be putting my hand up, expressing the very things that others are feeling, and maybe that is the importance! No matter what you desire in life, everything we do from morning until night is taking a chance. Maybe just risking your feelings and putting yourself out there, is the purpose. The journey of that little fish might be more important than the final destination.
No matter what importance you think you are serving,
or the destination you want to reach, the unknown is what keeps us from even beginning the path. My mum always says, “just put one foot in front of the other,
one step at a time.” Now I understand Mum! And so, I am going to begin this blog journey today and document some of the chances I take in finding happiness in my daily life. I hope I inspire you to try
something new! Be the little fish!!

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