Taking Stock


Making: [Trying to make] this blog dream a reality
Cooking: Two to three dinners a week compared to next to never! Pinterest is usually where I find my inspiration, then I make a list!

They make such a difference when heading to the store. For any novice cook, thinking up what you’re going to make, at the store… DOESN’T WORK! Take note of your ingredients and shop on! You’ll relay your inspiration from your meal success, promise!
Drinking: Smoothies. We hoisted out the Magic Bullet to get some more vitamin C and stay hydrated
Reading: ‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’ by Theresa Caputo — lent to me by my dear friend Katie, as a helping hand in handling the loss of my grandparents
Wanting: A stress-free week away doing something fun
Enjoying: The hot hot heat and rompers
Listening: To my newly acquired Spotify account
Liking: Coconut oil to remove my makeup. It works well, isn’t expensive, and is great to keep my skin from over drying
Loving: Tica! Dog owners, you understand. She is just so cute that lately… I just can’t take it!! They love so unconditionally and her eyes make my heart melt {featured in the photo above}
Bookmarking: A Pretty Penny by Keira Lennox — inspired me to do this post 
Watching: Suits. The best show on tv right now
Needing: to do laundry
Smelling: Creed Love in White
Wearing: L’Oreal Color Riche Doutzen’s Nude
Thinking: About my Grampy and how his mass will go tomorrow
Feeling: Happy that I took control of the anxiety I was feeling earlier and made progress doing something positive!

{Inspired by Keira,who was inspired by Sydney.}

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  1. i miss my dad (grampy) so much and he would be proud of you managing this new venture of sharing – he shared his love of gardening and this was his way, as is yours, of sharing your word. good job & tica is so photogenic! (you also made a lovely ‘wish list’) – as the song goes – “getting to know you”


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