Inspiration from a distance


We go through life hoping for a moment in time to take us to the next moment in time, and then eventually that those moments will place us on our desired path.

There are few of us who take life by the hand and carry it in the direction that we think suits us best. My first post was about taking chances, and I am blessed to know someone who has exemplified that. Someone I have known for many years who left her comfort zone, her everyday norm, her daily life, to take a chance. She left to another country and gave up her life here for new experiences and an opportunity to teach children. I admire her for the courage she had to pick up and go, like so many of us wish we would do. She has done it! One month in, and she has many little munchkins looking forward to learning from her each day. As much as I miss her and wish she was a phone call away, I feel more blessed that she is on an exciting path to happiness. I am happy for her growth. On this special day I owe some of my inspiration to my good friend Tara; thank you for being such a wonderful friend over the years and embodying courage today. I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday !

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  1. beautiful thoughts to a wonderful friend in your life – so glad with technology that you are able to live each day with her over time & miles


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