essence nail art express dry drops

We can all relate to the dreaded wet nail polish wait time… Even when there’s time to wait, you’ve got to go to pee, or you’ve suddenly got an itch right where you can’t quite reach. There must be something to let us do what we have to do, even with wet nails!

Beyond being successful in protecting your polish, this is an inexpensive purchase and a must-have in my book. The brand essence was launched in Germany in 2001, quickly becoming their #1 cosmetic line. Soon, they spread through Europe and eventually to Canada in 2012 at Shoppers Drug Mart. That’s where I found this new favourite. Using almond oil and vitamin E, the brand states the product will dry your nail polish in 60 seconds, also nourishing your nails and cuticles. You simply use the dropper and apply one drop per nail, allowing the oil to spread itself onto the nail polish.wpid-imag0632.jpgIt acts like an oil veil over your polish which prevents any clips or smudges from happening when you’re trying to reach that itch! Yes, the product may seep slightly onto your fingers but I rub my hands together and let it moisturise my skin! There are other brands available that offer the same fast dry promise — BUT, they are not $3.49 (CDN) like this one! Great promise, great price, and great results.

Try it! It is all things francie approved.

Check out this product on the essence cosmetics website HERE

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