When life gives you lemons

Going through tough times can really test your patience. I, by no means, am a calm person anyways so when life give me lemons, I’m usually making that awkward sour face, puckering my lips and squinting my eyes. But I’m trying to venture down that good ol’ path to happiness…

I wonder sometimes if happiness is the main focus of life, or if that’s what we all tell ourselves is, to feel like there is something more to life than monotonous hum-drum and sad blips. But I guess we gotta be more positive! I’m struggling with the space in between the sad blips. Can’t the good times keep on rollin’?
With a new addition of stress in recent days, I’m going to test myself on keeping in some of the stress, but working it out in different ways. I know bottling up stress and sad and mad, is not good. So somehow I have to decide the best way to work out the static, without focusing on the stress itself or ignoring it all together. I think it’s sort of like finding the perfect lemon juicer.
Let’s see how this works out.



  1. perhaps the seeking of that lemon juicer will be the best part of your journey, with other discoveries being made along the way…..


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