Secret pH Balanced Antiperspirant/Deodorant

We all want to have the same underarms as the models in the commercials for every deodorant out there, right? I know I do. More especially because I have forever struggled to find a product that doesn’t erupt my underarm into an allergy field of itchy red rashes. I have tried: sprays, gels, deodorants (non-antiperspirant), clinical strength, natural (no aluminum), non-fragrance, aluminum salt crystal (wet it before using), home-made… what is left??

First let’s get into the basics…

  1. antiperspirant is a substance that contracts the tissues of the skin to reduce the amount of discharge the body expels before it reaches the skin surface // usually using aluminum or zirconium to reduce odors and staining
  2. deodorant is a substance that breaks down the bacteria and odor created from bodily discharge or sweat, usually using an addition of fragrance, after it is excreted from the glands // deodorant is typically combined with antiperspirant to reduce the amount expelled from the body & prevent odor

There are combinations of these two in all sorts of styles in every kind of underarm sweat-preventer. I thought after trying so many and getting into so much underarm trouble, that natural was the way to go. But I had just as much trouble, if not more with those! I should mention that I have VERY sensitive skin to all sorts of metals, detergents, creams, etc. This does impact my wearing of MANY things. The natural deodorants out there are likely awesome, however from my research and personal trials, I find they are more focused towards those concerned with the effects of chemical agents and scents to the body — not so much towards those with issues of sensitivity. The natural versions often contained essential oils for scent that I was allergic to, or they were fragrance-free and being natural, they can’t be an antiperspirant, so then I sweat-on, and stank-on too!! NOT good.

Then… this marvel appeared. It was a rainy, blustery evening as my fiance and I were walking the city streets in downtown Vancouver. We wondered into the drugstore. Anyone who knows him, knows he likes us to have everything the same. So milling about the deodorant aisle was not any different. Smelling and reading and smelling and reading. He said, “let’s give this good ol’ original a trial, one for you and one for me.” BEST DECISION EVER. It is one of those things that now he could say ‘I told you so,’ because I certainly negated the idea to start off. I thought there was no way that one of the classics was going to work on me. I had lost hope. But this has saved my life.

Secret pH Balanced antiperspirant/deodorant in the scent baby powder (invisible)

There should be a halo over this product. I think the secret could be the pH balancing technology. Apparently, this technology that Secret uses upon application… some little magic wonders measure the alkalinity of your sweat and as the active ingredient comes into contact with your sweat it dissolves into your glands. As you sweat more, the pH of the solution rises, and at its’ highest the product will plug your glands to prevent excessive sweating. It sounds scary, but whatever work that’s happening, really works!

I’m sure there are many more brands that use pH balancing formats but for whatever reason something complicates the way they works. Secret’s scent is musky and soft allowing your natural odor to be delicately masked, as opposed to being perfumed like Hollister is housed under your arm. I should mention that I have tried other Secret products and they give an allergic reaction like all the others; it is just this ONE.

I highly recommend and suggest you run over to the drugstore to pick it up. If you shop at Walmart, they sell it as a double-pack for $3.97 (CDN). Check it out here!

No rashes, no itches, no redness, no white film, no staining – over two years of success for these troubled underarms!!

Try it! It is all things francie approved.

Read more about Secret’s secrets here!



  1. great info – it’s nice to reflect on what one is applying to our open ‘pores to our inner sanctum’ and how the whole thing works from the outside in & of course the product result that is satisfying for all – nice clean smells & a happy donor to boot! love your humor and your investigative work into the scientology of B.O.!!


  2. What a great article! I can vouch as a user of this product it is very reliable and friendly to use. It’s nice to join you on this journey and I appreciate how much depth you get into to understand the underlying dynamics.


  3. Your post on this deodorant inspired me to purchase the same one last night! I also have trouble finding the right product to use under my arms, because I too have extremely sensitive skin. Can’t wait to try it out 🙂


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