Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless

Foundation. What colour am I? What finish do I want? What coverage suits my skin? Does it oxidize to a different shade? Will it transfer onto my clothing? Just a few of the various questions we all ask ourselves when choosing the right match.

I have only delved into foundation in the last 3 years or so. I am lucky to have problem-free skin and never found the use for smearing a liquid all over my face. I have always loved cosmetics and dibbled and dabbled in everything but foundation growing up. I would sit in the bathroom watching my Mum applying her makeup as often as I could before she would peer out of the corner of her eye, without turning her head, to say, “I don’t need an audience…” then I’d scurry off.

As I discovered more and more about makeup, and began working a full-time job, sometimes I didn’t want to apply all the eye makeup I used to on a day to day basis. But without anything, I felt I wasn’t polished. Enter, foundation. It took away the redness in my skin, evened my complexion, and was a great base for bronzer and blush. All I had to add was mascara! Great!

Finish is everything, because I want to look flawless but still natural. No cake faces here. That’s just my preference, and my end goal was to look natural and polished without having to apply a full face of makeup to balance.

I’ve tried several drugstore brands and sad to say but the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless for Normal to Oily Skin was no winner in my book.

Settles into fine lines. Who wants that?

Perhaps it’s because I like the glow and dewy look of moisturized skin, so the Matte look isn’t for me. But, it looked chalky on the skin, giving it a dehydrated dull appearance. I usually apply moisturizer, then dot the foundation on my skin (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin), spritz my face with a priming spray, then blend with a foundation brush. This worked well with most foundations I’ve tried. But the Matte + Poreless streaked and didn’t blend well. I was so disappointed. The shade I used is 125 Nude Beige which is a perfect match to my summer skin — I should mention that in the summer I get slightly oily in the heat and sun leading to choose the Matte option. Looking matte and poreless is one thing, looking pale and dry is another! The color also oxidized over the day and easily transferred onto my clothing.

I write this review so you can skip this pick and opt for something more worthwhile of your $8.96 (CDN) at the drugstore. Save your nickels!

Sadly, this is not all things francie approved.




  1. enjoyed reading about your experience but as i am naive to the art of faceskin makeup i too would like to even out my skin tone but haven’t found the right shade or consistency of product (not that i look or buy) that will not find it’s way into my life-lines – don’t need a hi-liter – i too like the dewy look – when you find “it” – look forward to that blog!


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