BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette

This palette is something else.


I have watched Carli Bybel for a few years on YouTube (Check out her beauty channel here) and besides her beautiful makeup demonstrations, she seems like that girl next door — and one you would want as your friend! She comes through the camera to be sweet, positive, and talented with a makeup brush… let alone being gorgeous! So, when she announced her partnership with BH Cosmetics, I was definitely intrigued.

I received this palette as a Christmas gift from my cousins  (thanks Maria & Eleni!) and could not be more impressed! Although the palette was out of stock almost immediately after being dropped, soon-there-after the product was up and running and I can see exactly why people went off the wall for it.

Besides having a neutral, wearable colour assortment, the pigmentation is rich and the texture is buttery. There are 14 colour in the palette; 10 eye shadow shades, and 4 highlighting shades.


You can use all 14 shades as eye shadows although the highlighting shades are naturally less opaque as their intended use is to create a glowing veil to the skin surface.

There are some added perks to the product itself that draws me in as well. BH Cosmetics offers vegan, paraben-free, cruelty free, allergy & clinical tested products. This is great for us sensitive gals, and/or anyone concerned about the ingredients and where they have ventured before becoming a final product. I also like the type of packaging BH offers — non-bulky and lightweight laminated card box — so travelling with it is easy. A mirror in the box also serves as an added bonus for those quick makeup applications on-the-go.


Last, but not least. The price. $12.50 US. Unbelievable. Yes, in Canada you must pay for shipping and the exchange (which is at an all-time awful!) but for the quality you are getting, it is worth it. I always divide the total cost by the number of shades and for less than a US $1 a colour… WOW! So for us Canadians, let’s say less than a Canadian $1.50 (haha).

Great palette. Order it. Carli Bybel is an awesome YouTuber to support too. She has a great message and good impression on all sorts of viewers. Like the beginning slate of her videos, her palette packaging has a quote beneath the mirror, “Aspire to Inspire”.

I’m passing it forward Carli!

Try it! It is all things francie approved!

Purchase Carli’s BH palette here and tell me what you think about it!



  1. Great post made me smile plenty of times, I like how you made fun of the Canadian peso. Anyways well said and I enjoyed your positivity. Keep it up my beautiful lady!


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