Inspired Saturdays

I’m going to do a weekly post called Inspired Saturdays. My goal is to follow through with my intention of this blog — to seek happiness and share all of life’s simple moments that help create that journey. I will feature something or someone that has inspired me through the week, in hopes that it will inspire you too! As the saying goes, pass it forward. Makeup and trying new products may be my passion, and those things are simple pleasures along the path.

But what I really want is to help share a deeper message in the midst of so many distractions in life. REAL happiness is experienced in being grateful for every little thing. And by also mentioning the bigger things that give weight to my life, I hope it can also inspire balance in yours.
So here’s a small story that inspired me this week and I’m reflecting on today.
I manage a retail chocolate shop and day to day of course the job is to provide customer service and to sell. I went running over to process a customer’s transaction and as I greeted her she told me that she already paid for her treats, but the lady at the chocolate showcase was still choosing hers. As we sell loose chocolates by weight, I was confused as to how she paid if they weren’t all weighed yet. Seeing my confusion, she explained further:

I don’t know the woman picking the chocolate, I just wanted to treat her. And I also bought one for the other associate working here, but she hasn’t taken it from the bag yet which is why I’m still here. I also want you to take the same chocolate the lady picks and give it to that woman over there, who’s purchasing ice cream. And actually, you pick one too.

I was so confused. Did they know each other? Did I miss something? Is this a trick and she is going to tell me I took her money?

I just want to do something nice for no reason.

She said.

Pay it forward

Something so simple made her happy. Made us happy. And created a connection. It was a thoughtful gesture that put a smile on all of our faces. Making that sort of a gesture helps to give faith to humanity. There are good people everywhere. Not because she bought something, but because she inspired something — give without taking, sometimes to someone you don’t know, and have hope. She hoped we would feel the intention of her gesture and continue the same. It is a beautiful thing. It inspired me and will continue to resonate.

I challenge you to try it sometime and tell me about it. Have you paid for the coffee of someone in line behind you before? Helped someone fumbling through their wallet with the small change for their bill? How can we continue to inspire and give hope to all people?

…by paying it forward — pass the message along.
I dare you.



  1. When I was in an airport recently my fiance was feeling very very sick, so i was trying to find something to soothe her pain. Luckily there was an unfamiliar fast food place, so i journeyed over to buy some things to eat to settle her stomach. Until this day I never mentioned it, but right ahead of me there was a father and daughter, she was about 2 and they wanted a fruit bowl. Unfortunately their visa wasn’t processing so they couldn’t get it. Knowing that sometimes something so small can make a big difference, I payed it forward and bought it for them. Nothing could had made me more happy. Luckily the food did its job – I believe it was the good deed. Either was I was just great-full! Keep inspiring, nice to see the pic!


  2. i will never forget, nor can i ever thank the ‘three guardian angels’ who helped me out of a very dangerous situaton – it was a terrible snow storm and i was on my way to work and as fate would have it my car slid on section of black ice, lost control of my vehicle and came to a thud stop, with the front of the car hanging over a very deep gulch! i was traveling on a very busy road and i was absolutely stuck, afraid the car would continue to plummet forward….out of nowhere, three men appeared around my car and literally picked the vehicle up and backwards and i was on safe ground – unbelievable! these men (angels) disappeared as quickly as they appeared and i couldn’t even thank them – don’t know if i was more shaken up by the near catastrophe or the happenstance of these saviors….to this day i think of them especially driving by the location of this occurrence….
    that was really a blessing and since that day i try to reciprocate a helping hand when i can be it for ‘man or beast’…paying it forward is a win-win for all….thanks for your post – it is inspiring.
    love your photos!!!


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