February Makeup Haul

I don’t regularly purchase a pile of makeup. I try to get through the pieces I have first, and then try a few new things… well not exactly. I usually stick to what I know and repurchase the essentials. SO with that being said, this type of post might be a rarity!

I watch and follow a few YouTube beauty gurus and have heard many things from them about the brand ColorPop. I’m all about spending as little as I can cheap  and so the price point of their products completely intrigued me. I purchased all lip products. Ultra Matte Lips, Lippie Stix, and Lip Pencils, all $5 -$6 (USD).

The Ultra Matte Lip products are ColorPop’s version of the ever-trending liquid lip colour. I was hesitant to purchase these because the few I have tried (other brands) are wonderful for colour pay off but terrible for dryness — my-lips-are-physically-coming-off-dryness. The assistant to this product is the Lip Primer. It is a colourless lip product that is intended to prep your lips with some moisture and adherent to prevent the peeling disaster from happening and ruining the whole look (and your life for a few days).

Lippie Stix have a variety of finishes: Crème, Satin Luxe, Sheer, Satin, Glossy, Matte, Pearlized. You can easily shop by finish or colour family on the site, which I thought was super helpful. Endlessly looking through many pages of colour options is sometimes distracting and I often forget what I like from page one. So this way you can look into each category and choose the one or two of your preference, add to cart, and move to seek again. Basically, Lippie Six are ColorPop’s lipstick collection. Every single one of these has a matching lip pencil. The shade of the pencil and the lip stick is slightly different yet complimentary, which I think is great because it emphasizes the use of both — if they were the exact same shade then what’s the point other than to sharpen the line?

I bought the following for myself:

Ultra Matte Lip in Midi and Shimmy
Lippie Stix in Bound (Glossy) and Westie (Matte)
Lip Pencil in Bound and Tootsi
Lip Primer

So far, my very favourite is the Lip Pencil in Tootsi it is a grey-beige colour (grey-mauve on my natural lip tone) and I use it all over my lip. I never thought I would be wearing the returned 90s grunge look, but it really does wear well on fair skin. To see my fave shade, click here. Their site is great because it offers an image of a colour swatch for every colour on three different skin tones. Such a great idea! It sold me on a lot of shades I wouldn’t usually purchase because I’m not sure about them.

Well now that I got that whole thought out! I wish I could purchase more from the site, but until that darn Canadian dollar adjusts, I just can’t enjoy the same prices as listed on their site. Although the prices are still low, it works out to be almost $8.00 for each plus the shipping… so I can hold off for a shortwhile (key word: short).

Mac Stone

I was inspired by Tootsi, but as it is a lip pencil (there is a matching Lippie but I didn’t buy it darn) and is meant to outline your lip and keep your lip colour from bleeding, it is waxy (slightly) and is drying. So, I went to Mac to colour match it to a lipstick.

The closest I could find was Stone which is matte but still less drying than the pencil. It is cool toned but more of a brown. So far it has the same affect, but isn’t quite as mauve mod. See it online here.

Mac Stone (left) ColorPop Tootsi (right)

Last but not least, I wanted to try a new concealer for under my eyes. I was using Maybelline Fit Me which I really enjoyed but, thought to try out Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Oil-free Concealer in shade 105. I’m more a Maybelline, L’Oreal wearer so we will see how this fairs. Buy it here.



I will follow up and share my feelings on these products after some daily wears.

Thanks for stepping into my makeup bin with me!




  1. great info and a little humor as well – love your descriptive blogs and the helpful links to the products themselves if i should be so inclined to follow your advice – by the way i was inspired to shop at BH cosmetics cuz of your blog on the eye color palette – you are becoming my personal on-line shopper!!

    Liked by 1 person

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