Tropical Sundae

We recently went on a luxurious trip away to Dominican Republic. Of course anywhere that is warm and tropical, grows the most luscious of produce. We always enjoy pineapple when we are away.
At our resort, they had a great restaurant featuring Brazilian style cuisine. The courses featured several cuts of meat that were cooked on a spit (of sorts) almost like on giant skewers. Everything was delicious, but the very best was the dessert. A whole pineapple roasted on the skewer, coated in sugar and cinnamon. Unreal! The fruit was so juicy and warm, with the natural sweetness and light hum from the spicy cinnamon. I had to try to recreate this at home.

I sliced fresh pineapple, then quartered each slice. Heated up a frying pan with a few dots of butter. Heating and slightly toasting the pineapple, I sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on each side to help brown and caramelize. Finally after getting a light char on the fruit, I scooped out a few rounds of ice cream into a bowl. I enjoyed the simplicity of President’s Choice Vanilla, but any type will do. It wasn’t exactly the same as the tropical delight enjoyed ocean-side with the love of my life. wp-1456529157898.jpgBut it was pretty darn close for a home-made version. Try it and tell me if you can feel the tropical vibe!

It’s all things francie approved.


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