“Perfume is the most intense form of memory.” – Jean Paul Guerlain

It is such an appropriate quote.

Scent brings a thousand thoughts to the mind. The hardest part is sifting through and selecting the attached memory. Ironically, I am engaged to a man who is all about the best of fragrance (and most other specialty things). Many years ago he introduced me to a world of the most beautiful smells. It all started with a play on a name and a classic sent on a romantic dinner date; surprises all around. But his style (and thus my style) has evolved over the years, to the most delicate and special of products.

Today was a special day. We both could escape from work and have some fun. We headed down to the city and walked around a new department store. The air seemed stiff with so many others milling around, without any shopping bags to be seen. It was like we were all wondering around a museum, ogling over works of art. Perfumes, bags, clothing, shoes, all sorts of highly priced items we all think are so valuable. Luckily, we aren’t really part of that we. Definitely interested in all the hub-bub but certainly not there to be taken for a ride. Life is about the whole experience of beautiful things. The air, the conversation, the item, the energy… the complete experience. We escaped from the breathless (literal) space and continued on our adventure. I didn’t know I was going to be whisked away to such a beautiful place…

We walked, then drove, then parked and walked again. Then… we arrived. It was a shop that seemed as though it was glowing from the inside out. A boutique I would marvel at through the window, while standing in the wintery wind on the sidewalk, only wishing one day I would be lucky enough to go in and shop.

Because of him, we went in together and it was breathtaking! Tinted mirrored walls, with fragrances delicately placed in perfectly sized alcoves all over. Mirror and glass double vanities holding perfectly placed makeup pieces. Beautiful coloured glass bottles spotted themselves across two credenzas to sample. It is heavenly.

1828 marked the conception of the exclusive House of Guerlain. Being an original to provide to the elite of society, this brand shouts luxury — which is why I would never think to step foot inside this boutique. I thank God that we went in and I could experience this special place. We chatted with the associate and he was lovely; he truly cared and shared so much passion for the products we were interested in. The whole experience was like we needed to be lifting our glasses to cheers with champagne.

We left and felt so wonderful. The air had swayed a different direction. The sun had left a glow in the air, although set. The time we spent in such a peaceful space, hit us in the best way. It was such an opposite experience to the department store we had departed from earlier.

I titled this post with a quote:

“Perfume is the most intense form of memory.” – Jean Paul Guerlain

Today will be marked with the fragrances we left with. Every moment of the day will flood back to mind, weeks from now, when I sniff my wrist. To top it off, my Mum saw the fragrance bottle, read the name, and immediately announced that her mother wore the exact fragrance. Never had we talked about this. I didn’t know that this scent was created in 1925, the first of its’ kind. Now this scent, this memory, embodies today in its’ bottle. But most especially, it also brought a memory of my Mums’ forward, and a memory of my Nana.

As her namesake, it only adds to the coincidence of wearing the same fragrance.

This is my inspiration for the week. Memories manifest in a variety of ways, but it is a choice to open yourself to the experience of creating new ones.

Thank you Steve. You make my dreams (and beyond) come true. I love you.



  1. I really enjoyed your post and a big part of it showcases how wonderful it is to inspire. Inspiration is a gift we give ourselves through loving, and trusting our environment to do the same. Love you!

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  2. you really write a great story – felt like i was experiencing the day with you – thanks for the trip downtown T.O.
    your inspiration for the day is lovely and to be aware of these memories can sometimes bring glad or sad thoughts
    but constantly creating new ones, brings you forward – moments, day by day………when you think about it – every conscience second is a memory in the making…….thanks Fran for sharing your moments with us

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