Meatless Monday

Lunch can be so easy when the fridge is full! Getting to the grocery store can be the hardest part of meal making. Schedule time in your week to get to the grocery store and suddenly, your lunch money will start to collect. I say this like it’s so simple, but myself, I’m working on it.Maintaining a full time career lends the pang of ego that helps to excuse endless meals out, and the money spent on them. But reality is, you are what you eat! After months of perseverance, I can say that bringing your own food with you to work, takes the stress away from deciding between mostly unhealthy options and honestly, tastes much better than eating from the food court! A fruit, veg, protein, carbs, something snack-y (aka salty) a dessert and water is my go to.

BUT on Meatless Mondays, a slight simplicity comes into play.

Rye Bread (toasted).
S & P.

The perfectly smooth texture of God’s green butter (phrase credit: Mum). Pair that with the toasty crunch of nutty light rye. The fresh, crisp bite of tomato. All aching for that of good ol’ salt and pepper. It is exactly what the doctor ordered after a weekend of indulging. It’s also filling which is what we need to help with the Monday zzz’s and cravings.

Try it out. Toast your bread. Bring half an avocado and sliced tomato. Smash the avocado on the bread at noon, and top with tomatoes, salt and pepper. Enjoy!

[ special shout out to Golden Produce, especially my strawberry banana boy, for making my lunches TEN times tastier. And making my life better each day ]



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