Lunch antipasto style

Finger foods are the best. When you’re at an event and those lovely trays come around with little bits of this and that, you can fill up on those before ever getting the main meal. Antipasto is my favourite. You have a few veggies, pickled or fresh, with cheese and cured meats, maybe some vinaigrette, crackers or breads… mmm!

So I ask, who made the rules? This lovely appetizer doesn’t have to be a pre-meal. It can be my lunch because I certainly do fill up after eating it!

For my  lunch today I’m enjoying:

  • sliced tomato, bocconcini cheese, green olives, feta cheese crumbles tossed in an olive oil and herb vinaigrette
  •  hummus
  • prosciutto
  • cracker buns

Mixing and matching some of each for every bite is so delicious and filling. It also makes lunch fun because it’s not the same taste in every mouthful. As silly as that sounds, making flavors more interesting makes the time spent eating more enjoyable. Overall, you end up feeling much more satisfied.

Let me know if you try this out and feel like your lunch deserves a little bit of antipasto flare! Buon appetito!

This meal is all things francie approved!




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