Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask

We all need a little de-stressing every now and again (or each day!) A great way to recharge our minds is by focusing on something specific. When you focus on doing a specific thing that may even be a necessity (and not a luxury), you forget about the things weighing on you and help you to free your mind.

It sounds like a lofty idea, but it works. Ever have a bad work day, and you feel starving and can’t be bothered to make yourself something to eat? But you have no choice but to open the fridge, turn the oven on and throw something together? Usually, by the time you are mid way through your meal prep, you’ve got the music going and your dancing away with the spatula as your mic! I know you’re nodding your head. The need to cook seems just as stressful as the hard work day (in your mind), but becoming unintentionally focused on cooking takes your mind elsewhere, distracting you from the initial strain.

You’re thinking… what does this have to do with the product review?

It has EVERYTHING to do with taking time for you to feel good. A face mask is something so many people live without. And the fact that it’s great for your complexion is one thing, but taking 15 minutes to focus on applying, drying, and removing the mask can change your whole feeling for the day.

Freeman Dead Seal Mineral Anti-Stress mask is made with three key ingredients: kaolin clay, sea salt, and vitamin E. Its’ claim is to help replenish and re-balance the skin allowing it to glow.
Kaolin clay is a white absorbent substance that helps purge oil from the skin. It also regulates skin moisture levels and circulation. Similar benefits are from sea salt in the product; magnesium helps to balance moisture, while potassium helps to prevent dry skin. Sea salts’ microbial properties also help to eradicate bacteria and germs present in the skin. The addition of lavender and bergamot essential oils assist in the spa-like experience too.

You apply the mask in a thin layer all over the face. Allow it to dry over about 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

You can see above that it thins as it dries, and you will see where the oil sits on your skin (on your face) through the different layers of the mask. It is a thick consistency, so spreading the product evenly helps in the drying time.

To add to the spa experience, I use a small exfoliating brush to scrub the mask off with circular motions. This helps to remove the product, while also removing any dry skin. I purchased the one in the photo from The Body Shop, click here to see more about it.

Once removed, my skin feels refreshed! I apply this mask whenever I think to do it, but ideally 1-2 times a week is enough. I notice my makeup applies more smoothly days after using it, and it prevents my skin from over-shining. The results are also apparent when applying directly to a blemish. I have used it several times for this purpose and it sure helps reduce the swelling.

The mask is beneficial to those with oily/combination skin (even if sensitive like myself). However, taking the time to do any mask is the most important take away from this post. Take 10-15 minutes for YOU whenever you are feelings overwhelmed and I promise that your focus will shift. Like the thought of the day said, “your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.” So taking that time to re-focus your mind, your skin, and your outlook is worth it!

The Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask is all things francie approved!

Freeman has several other mask products to suit your skin type, if this one doesn’t sound suitable. Check them out here.. I purchased mine from good ol’ Walmart for $4.47 CDN. Check it out here.



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