Best Product Combo to Thicken Nails

I certainly wear and tear my nails everyday. Working in service and retail and food — your nails are under constant construction. I also suffer from poor blood circulation, which cause my hands and feet to forever be cold. I’m sure this doesn’t help in nail strength and thickness. I think I have finally discovered the perfect nail product combination to help keep my nails from breaking or peeling.

Veralac is a product for the nails intended to reduce splitting and fragility. It is supposed to help protect them from chemicals and solvents, and improve the overall appearance. My fiancé purchased this for me, probably after hearing me complain for so long about my broken nails. There are two natural medicinal ingredients in this product that contribute to its’ benefits:

  • Horsetail (plant) extract has a high concentration of silicic acid that connects to keratin in the nail repairing it and strengthening it.
  • MSM is a natural form of sulfur that is built of proteins and fibre that contribute to keratin molecular elasticity and hardening.

The product is applied like a nail polish with a brush. It is hydrosoluble, and so it absorbs quickly while also leaving a thin film on the nail protecting it from external factors that can deteriorate it. You can apply this product nightly if leaving nails bare, or beneath your nail polish before application of the colour.

When I’m not applying a colour polish I’ll then apply Sally Hansen Thicken Up! on top of Veralac. I have had this product for a few years and I can’t seem to find its’ exact match anywhere but on Ebay. I think the updated version is Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener. It’s a calcium enriched clear nail product that bonds to weak, brittle, ridged nails. It gives some stability and immediate thickness and protection to the nail itself. It also leaves the nail with a glossy shine; which I love for day to day.

This combination has kept my nails from splitting or breaking this entire winter — and this winter has been especially dry, which definitely impacts my nails fragility.

I hope that if you are struggling with your nail growth, that you give this combination a try. They are all things francie approved!

Pricey but worth it, purchase Veralac here.

Check out Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener here.


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