Wow. What have I been missing? The moves, the music, the atmosphere! I haven’t had the courage until recently to go to a class at the gym, and I wish I had gone sooner. I love to dance so Zumba seemed like something I may enjoy; it is a type of cardio excercise inspired by Latin dance moves.

I was introduced to the gym with muscle building exercises using free weights and equipment, which I think is important. But now I can see where the fun comes into working out… through the classes! The dancing definitely won’t build strength like working specifically on each muscle group will, but it burns calories and helps to tone. I am typing this like I really have a clue what I’m talking about… no! I’m guessing!

What I know for sure is that it felt good to do something for me, and something I was afraid to do. I was terrified to go to something alone without knowing what it was all about. I had not watched a class from outside the room, or spoken to anyone about going. I just picked the day, and went. I was so nervous driving there with a million racing thoughts – what do I do before the music starts? Stand and stare at the floor? Will everyone be there with a friend and I’ll be the odd woman out? Is it gonna be too much to follow? Of course texting with my sister prior to walking in almost prevented me from getting out of the car, “get ready to laugh at yourself,” she said — OH NO! But she also told me I’d be fine and not to be nervous.

The music started and off we went. The moves weren’t hard to pick up (maybe because I used to dance competitively, maybe because I just love Latin music and dance) and even when you miss a step, everyone is looking at the teacher so you aren’t getting stares like you would imagine. Everyone is just moving and smiling and you feel sweaty but exhilarated. It could be that I’m so proud of myself too, I NEVER do new things.  I somehow talk myself out of whatever it is. It took me YEARS to even go near the gym itself!

This experience taught me to step outside myself. It’s so rewarding. I kept thinking during my drive there, “so if you hate it and you’re embarrassed you just don’t go back… big deal.” Because that is the reality. You don’t know until you try something. As Grampa says, “just make a start” and I hear you now Grampy! My coworker swore up and down that I’d be so happy I went. And now I’ve gone again, and loved it just as much — although the teacher does make a difference.

I hope this post inspires you to try something new, or to do something you have said you wanted to do for a long time. Even if your outcome isn’t like mine, I promise you that your pride and confidence will make you happy enough. Think of it as checking something off the list!

Zumba & trying new things / doing things that scare you / crossing off your personal to do list.. are all things francie approved!



  1. this is right up your alley – let those beautiful arms fly!!! congrats on finding a fun, rewarding and new experience!


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