My claim to standing fame…

“Are those Crocs?”

So many times I am asked if my shoes are Crocs… and YES, they are! I seem to be remotely famous in my work setting because of these babies. Working in retail you are standing and walking and sweating and swelling all 8 hours of your day. I also suffer from the circulatory phenomenon of Reynoids which adds to the potential discomfort and essentially “no sense no feeling” aspect of my apendages (fingers and toes). So, moving from a larger shop size with lots of walking, to a smaller shop size with much more standing, I was on the search for a shoe that gives good support to the foot while allowing breathability and the option to clean your shoes (actually) — anyone who stands on their feet all day and tells you that their feet aren’t sweaty and smelly by the time they take their shoes off… are liars! Let alone what their shoes end up like after a few months of wear.

And so, googling the above search terms brought me to a page that referenced the best shoes for doctors and nurses in the surgical field. Ah-ha! It made total sense. You have to have a hygenic shoe that can be cleaned easily (thoroughly as well), that offers comfort and support for long wear. Who knew retail and surgery could be so similar?

The shoe is by Crocs, the style is Kadee. It is designed with Crocs original croslite foam cushioning. As listed on their website, “a ballerina-inspired shoe featuring classic form-to-foot Croslite construction and easy slip-on-and-off style”. It has heel windows and front-foot holes that let your sweaty feet breath; there are ciculation nubs that massage you while you walk; they’re feather-light; and have a non-marking outsole. Can they get better? YES! Try them on.

Even the CEO/owner of the company I work for looked at my feet with a puzzled look on her face and asked, “are those Crocs?” In the moment it makes me wonder if they are ugly or something (which I honestly couldn’t care less if they were) but when I tell any inquisitor, yes they are Crocs, they always reply with “wow I thought they might be but I thought Crocs were only those ugly ones!”

I have convinced 7 people to purchase them thus far, and each one of those people have thanked me. They are so comfortable! Not to mention affordable. When I was seeking out new shoes I almost went with a Sketchers memory foam option which were close to $100 — which were also difficult to wash and easy to wear-out. Crocs Kadee‘s are $31.99 CDN ! Honestly… how can you go wrong?

I have worn the same pair for almost 2 years and the only thing I can say is that they do stretch out to your foot over time, and the colour fades slightly, mattifying from their original glossy shine. I purchased the black pair and if I do not wet them and clean them, they look off-black but really, that’s any coloured shoe. With a bit of polish, they darken again. I’d take that any day over smelly, slimey, stained insole shoes for $100!

I haven’t even mentioned how my back and calves used to hurt with any other shoe. These shoes have saved my posture and my pain. Stop reading this and just go buy them. They make amazing water shoes, walking shoes, standing shoes, any shoes. Go splash in a puddle on a hot and rainy day, they’ll dry so quickly! Buy a pair and you’ll see. I should work for Crocs! There are so many colours to choose from, and so many spin off styles that look more stylish with the same comfort. Not to mention that so many times that I look at their site, there is some sort of discount deal going on.

Check this style out here.

Your back and legs will thank me.

Crocs Kadee are all things francie approved.


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