Keeping busy

As much as I feel alone, I don’t think I am alone when it comes to the quarantine crazies. Am I right? Lockdown has been the longest and most jagged double-edged sword. Is it wonderful to feel zero pressure to go to bed on time, set an alarm to wake up, or feel the need to get glammed everyday? Sure. Do I also miss those routines? Yes!

I have been on temporary lay-off due to lockdowns since the end of December. Even though I cursed the lockdown, it was more-so because of the anticipation of money woes and falling out of my routines. I was guiltily looking forward to accomplishing all of the home tasks I had been putting off. Now that we are over a month in and anticipating returning to work, I am feeling an opposite stressor… did I or can I get everything done before I go back? It’s unreal how the mind flip-flops.

Some of my friends, and most especially my husband tell me that I don’t know how to relax. My best friend regularly tells me that there isn’t a day that I just lay around in bed, even when I have a lockdown as my excuse. I realized that I really do always find something to occupy my day, to the point of neglecting my phone or calls to complete my self-designated tasks. Should I relax more while I can? Yes. But do I think other people might benefit from reading this and trying out some of the things that I find to keep busy? Maybe. Or maybe people will read this and think “calm down and relax Fran!” haha

Here are some of my Francie go-to’s to keep busy:

  • paint-by-number
    • You can order canvas paintings from amazon that send you all the pre-mixed paints to create your beautiful work of art
  • re-organize that junk drawer
    • As much as we all dread doing this, all it takes is a start! It shocks me every time I tackle one of these, how much better I feel once it’s done.
  • take a bath
    • Why not? The time is now! Or even a shower. Sometimes the hot water cleanses the mind too. Don’t guilt yourself for taking some me-time. Declare it a spa hour!
  • choose a pinterest DIY
    • You would be surprised by how many crafts there are that don’t need a whole basket of new supplies to make; try searching DIYs with whatever you know you already have — baskets, scrap paper, picture frames, paint
  • shelf lining
    • Trust me when I tell you it takes up time! I purchased my peel-and-stick paper from Dollar Tree. All you need to do is cut the paper to size, peel back the paper covering the sticky part, line it up and use a squeegee or credit card to press out all the air bubbles. Voila! You have protected your shelves, decorated your shelves, and forced yourself to re-organize because you have to empty the shelves before you start! haha
  • Go for a walk or a drive
    • A change of space can change our minds! I have enjoyed getting in my car and driving to new places, it completely clears my mind and I come home feeling renewed. A walk can do the same! I find I have to walk somewhere new to get the full experience.
  • create a vision board
    • This is something I am going to start this week! You can use a bristol board or a cork board. What are the things you envision for yourself? Home decor ideas, vacation plans, family planning, you name it! Your board can be filled with long-term goals and dreams, or it can be targeted to the direct and near future. Make it fun, pick your own brain! I’ll post about mine when I get it done.

Everyday that I wake up I try to look at the day as another try.

Ultimately, time off can be hard to settle with. I think we all have a go-go lifestyle that often affords our minds the luxury of saying “I deserve to do this or that because I worked all day today”. But to stave off depression when we didn’t work today, we have to find things to feel accomplished before we lay our head down at night. I am the epitome of mind tricks to myself though… I keep myself busy and yet I still feel the self-deprecation and loneliness of being home. So I have also learned that there are good days and there are not-so-good days. I am trying to practice at listening to my inner voice and accepting that there are days that I feel upset or unaccomplished or down-right lazy, but I’m not alone in that and those days will pass as long as I refocus and try not to be too hard on myself about them.

Today I can try something new because soon enough I will be back to work (if I’m lucky) and wishing I had more days off again! Let me know if any of this resonates with you and surely follow me along on Instagram for some more inspo. I definitely spend A LOT of my time browsing home decor ideas there; it’s another great space to interact with others who share your interests.

Remember, the whole world is going through SO MUCH right now. Let’s accept, be patient, try to keep busy, feel accomplished, and pray for the world to find its’ balance again!


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