Date Night Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is a couple days away and if you’re like us and still in lockdown, the day certainly crept up faster than expected! Even if it weren’t a holiday I’m sure we all can benefit from some date night inspiration, especially without being able to go out and about. Date nights are so important for couples, but a date night can be planned for anyone — for you and your siblings, or best friend, or even for you and yourself! I think the most important part is putting thought into the time, planning it, and committing to that time to connect with whomever you’re hanging with! I think Valentine’s Day can truly be any day of the year because we should take the special time for ourselves and our loved ones whenever we can.

So for that special day, here are some suggestions:

  1. Dinner date at home. Whether you’re ordering in or cooking at home, set the mood. Get out some candles, a tablecloth, wine, wine glasses, put on some music… the ambiance is half the battle. Don’t forget to take the time to get ready as though you’re going out. It might feel a bit silly at first, but I think that we all feel a little different when we get dolled up and enter a new setting for a date. With lockdown this isn’t a possibility, so re-create the atmosphere at home. The energy shift can make the whole night seem like you are out and about but luckily you can easily go switch into those track pants as soon as dinner is over (because if we’re honest, we all do that at home after the restaurant anyways!)

    Try these stemless wine glasses.

  2. Karaoke. You might want to involve a little wine to loosen up first (totally okay!) but it’s super easy to enjoy a lip sync dance party at home. If you YouTube any song with ‘karaoke’ in the search bar, you will almost always find the song you want with lyrics available to you. Add a few props as microphones (and if you’re like myself, I always need to stand on a table like a stage) will help encourage the whole experience. Dancing and singing with your loved one can be super fun and it also gets you out of your routine of tv/movie watching; maybe even creating some more exercise for your body and voices!

  3. Massage. [This one is likely geared for couples] You don’t need to become a masseuse to massage, so don’t get discouraged. The method of massage is really just a matter of pressing and paying attention. Set the mood! Use your bedroom or spare room, lay down a couple towels or a blanket on the bed. You can take a towel and roll it up, shaping it like a donut can act as a face hole to keep your partner comfortable face down on the bed. Setting your room to music is always nice, using a nature or spa channel on spotify or YouTube. Massage bars are really helpful when massaging, but any thick body cream can suffice. If you want this to be a surprise, setting some candles and leaving a bath robe outside the room really creates the whole vibe. Ask your partner to go to the room and get changed and then meet them in there to start the spa experience. Asking questions about pressure, or sore spots can help any nerves that may come up if its a foreign experience for you. And remember, you’re at home! Make it fun, laugh, use the time to talk about anything or use the time to be quiet and really let your energy connect. Finishing the experience with a bath or shower, some flavoured water really tops it off!

    Order a bath a bath robe and massage bar.

  4. Sit down with some snacks and drinks and put all electronics away. This is a great option for those of us who are always on the go and for work the electronics are a necessity. It can actually be a challenge to put everything away WITHOUT having the distraction of an activity. Putting on some music, and preparing the snacks (charcuterie board, wine and cheese, chocolates, ice cream sundaes) can help prep your minds to sit down around the table and just have a chat. You can even write down some talking points (romantic, funny, questions, truth or dare) and fold them up and drop them into a bowl to be picked out at random and chatted about. It sounds like a lot to do for just a chat, but when our living rooms become our offices, napping quartners, endless tv hangouts, changing the tone of the space and habit might be helpful. If you have the extra house space you might want to use a room that you typically don’t use so you can change up the atmosphere.

    Get a charcuterie board.

  5. Go for a drive. Whether you set a destination or not, getting in the car and heading out can really create the shift and connection you need. Personally my husband and I really enjoy this option! We find the vista triggers conversation, memories, new experiences all in one and it becomes like a little adventure and we never know quite where we’ll end up. When we get home, the house almost feels like a new respite because all that great energy comes into the home with us!

Changing up our routines can be challenging but it’s definitely worth it. Especially when life returns back to normal with work and family gatherings, restaurants and nights out, appreciating our home space for date nights might actually still be a preference. We spend a lot of money to have and maintain our homes so why not find additional ways to enjoy them. Remember, nurturing yourself encourages balance, and nurturing others encourages the relationship connection. Remember you’re worth it!

xox Fran


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  1. When your lucky enough to marry your valentine, it really is valentines everyday. Great article and I completely agree, its important to show your loved ones how much they mean to you as often as you can.


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