My shopping list staples

Monday is my shopping day! Other than the essentials; bread, milk, butter, eggs, there are always meal favourites we return to week after week, and with those come the staples I repurchase. Most of these are ways we can shortcut our meals. The best stuff is homemade, but all those ingredients change week to week. When you think meals 3 times a day, 7 days a week, that’s 21 meals, exlcuding snacks and desserts… we all can use a shortcut here and there!

What’s always on my shopping list…

  • naan pitas – great for souvlaki // oven pizzas
  • hot italian sausage – out of the casing for pasta’s meat sauce // a short cut for lasagna // my new fave is for pizza bread
  • frozen pizza dough – can’t go wrong thawed overnight in the fridge for an easy lunch
  • frozen ham & cheese stuffed chicken breast – our fave go-to with oven fries // make sure you look for real uncooked chicken
  • shredded mixed-blend of cheese – just makes life plain easy!
  • jar of pesto – pastas // sandwich spread // meatball flavour-punch
  • tomato puree – pizza base // pasta sauce base
  • taco seasoning – tacos // nachos // enchiladas
  • tortilla soft wraps – tacos // sandwich wraps // cut and fried for tortilla chips // faux crepes with hazelnut spread, whip cream and fruit
  • pre-made oatmeal muffin mix – a great shortcut and base for any fruit or dessert style muffins
  • powdered ranch dressing mix – just search it and find out how manhy recipes use this as a base
  • just-add-water pancake mix – use this as a base for crepes, healthy pancakes, protein pancakes

I’m sure you all have some of these on your list too. I can walk the grocer with my eyes closed to find them. What are some of your staples? Give me some ideas because I love the inspiration! List ’em here for on my insta @allthingsfrancie

xox francie


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