spooky treats

Who doesn’t love to get into the spooky season? Halloween is creeping around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you barely have packed away your bathing suit! I’m thrilled it’s Autumn and that we can bundle into wooly scarves and hooded sweaters, but I have yet to fall into my recipes. I was looking for some last minute inspo to create special treats for the neighbourhood kids that are quite honestly always terrorizing the street, Halloween or not (haha).

Who wouldn’t like to receive these cuties? I recommend using Purdy’s Chocolatier white chocolate to mummify your Rice Krispies treats!

If you have a bit more time than you anticipated, these cookies would be super sweet to bundle up and have on hand!

These are the ultimate no-bake option! Just grab your components and stick ’em together! And who doesn’t like salty and sweet?

How gross are these!? The absolute perfect and delectable gory option for your trick or treaters!

A healthier option but just as spook-tacular and delicious! Check out Purdy’s Chocolatier for your dipping and decorating chocolate – they even have vegan options. You’ll need good quality strawberries, so if you’re local to Toronto and the GTA, check out Healthy and Tasty produce home delivery to get the best of the best, delivered right to your door.

Hopefully at least one of these seasonal specialties makes it onto your kitchen counter this Halloween. I know our house can barely make the day through before we finish our homemade treats. Maybe the trick this year will be hiding them so we can enjoy them for longer than just Hallow’s Eve!

Make sure to tag me on Instagram if you create any of these ghoulish delights!

xox francie


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