Date Yourself on Fridays

This is the best addition to my weekly schedule and I promise you, you NEED to do this!

So these days everyone talks about self-care and staying on top of their mental health, so this topic isn’t a new concept — but prioritizing self-care and making it an event for myself was the game changer for me! I’m in my early 30s, married, and sans-kiddos, outside of my furbaby Tommy. So, this means I can do whatever, whenever because I’m always working on my own timeframe. This is relevant because I didn’t think making a scheduled date for my weekly ‘me-time’ would really impact my life. But it does!

Working in retail means irregular schedules and random shifts, even if I am the manager. So, some nights I get home later than others, weekends aren’t actually weekends. When there are things I need to accomplish to keep me looking and feeling fresh, now I push alllll of it to Friday night and make a date with myself. Not only does this give me an anchor to my week, giving me that faux-weekend feel, but it’s now something that I look forward to. My Friday appointment also allows me to postpone these tasks from other nights when I’m tired after work… which then allows me to be lazy on those nights lol

Now obviously this night can be slotted to any day or time of the week, so if I do have to work or have something going on, like anything else, I just reschedule. This means that with an actual weekend off, Friday night I’m all booked up… but I’ll be free Saturday and Sunday if you need me!

Self care activities are very personal, so to each their own. I love to DIY myself; if there’s a way I can teach myself to do something I wil try to do it. I am likely to pour a glass of wine and soak in a hot bath for awhile. Typically afterwards I lay on the floor cus I get too overheated haha. Then I might do some skin care, which involves a magnifying mirror and some shock! I dye my eyebrows dark brown, which should be refreshed every week or so anyways. It’s cold as the arctic right now & that means I’m pale, so a good sunless tan is in order. Because I generally work Saturdays I usually cap my night off with curlers in my hair, ready for the morning!

If you haven’t tried a self-care date with yourself, I highly suggest it. You will feel accomplished, calmed, and ready for the week or weekend ahead. You might prefer to do yoga, journal, read, or all of the above. I probably have Friends or a podcast playing while I am doing all my self-prep. Call me self-absorbed but I enjoy gussying myself up!

What will your self-care date look like? Let me know

xox francie


Here are some of my fave items to use for my date night:

my current fave sunless tanner

eyebrow dye

best face mask

current hair curlers


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