New Venture

I am so excited to share my newest venture! I have rediscovered my creative side and opened up an etsy shop to bring my passion to you.

We all fall into our routines where we wake, work, eat, sleep, with the added tv and social media watching cycles day after day. I used to make cards, draw, paint, craft or DIY anything I could. That transitioned solely into makeup and nails over time — mostly because I love when I can do something all on my own. But then I got bored when lockdowns began because what makeup and nails did I really care for while sitting home on the couch? So, I started painting and drawing again. I enjoyed doing it as a passtime but what was I going to do with all of the pieces I created? I wanted to find something to create that was functional and useable.

I started creating art that could be used for graphic tees and other cloth items. I love the things I’ve created! But then I thought about any challenges I have faced when it comes to other wearble items… Jewelry! I am allergic to so many things on my skin. I have never been able to wear costume, sterling silver, or even gold jewelry without getting a skin reaction. If I want to accessorize what I’m wearing, it’s something I just can’t do outside of a few staple pieces.

I introduce to you So Francie gemstone bracelets! I am making them with all different coloured precious stones, with the occasional addition of glass or lava beads to enhance color variation. There are so many benefits to wearing precious stones on your body — and most importantly, there’s no risk for allergy!

I hope you’ll check out my etsy shop and check out the quality by purchasing a bracelet. They are precious stones so there’s a good weight to the bracelet. There are also variety of size options to provide the best fit for your wrist. I have pre-stretched the elastic which will help prevent breakage.

I’m so excited to see how my passion will unfold! Check out my bracelets here !

xox francie


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  1. Your store is looking great and I always thought you were such a good drawer. Hope your new venture goes well, the bracelets look stunning.

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