So Francie or so spicy?

Disclaimer, I’m not trying to be completely full of myself posting this, just sharing my transformation!!

I’m a natural blonde, you know, typical baby that for the first couple years looked like I almost didn’t have any hair. As I grew it became a warmer more golden blonde.

baby me

I went through the highschool phase of hair dye experiments at the salon – not the typical manic panic dye, like $300 professional colour that could have been in a hair show; red-violet, blonde, copper, burgundy. It looked awesome but my connection to it was a bit lost’; it’s like it wore me instead of suiting me.

high school prom hair

I eventually went back to my natural dirty blonde for years, from age 18 and then began highlighting it over time, both professionally and at home. It looked nice and I often think about returning back to it because they say your childhood hair colour will forever be flattering as you age. So what colour is my hair now?

It could have been the pandemic, or the breakage, or the greys slowly coming to show me that almost a decade has passed since highschool. But about 2 years ago I began home-dying my hair dark brown. I phased darker and darker over time and absolutely loved it. So how is hair personal?

Well, because of lockdowns and life in general, a lot of people have yet to see my dark hair, or even the transition from blonde to brown. So immediately upon seeing me, people usually comment that they love my hair dark, but remind me that it’s so different than my blonde. It really is — I have changed so much over the years too. For so many reasons I feel stronger, edgier, a bit tougher, and more confident; my current hair reflects that.

it got darker from here

People often say, “it’s just hair” but personally I think it’s an accessory to however we are feeling. Through life changes, family tragedies, self-independance and growth, my style has evolved with me and my dark hair gives me that edge I’ve grown to have. Who knew hair could hold so much weight?? I didn’t but each comment I get has pushed me to reflect on how I respond and why I respond as I do. I feel coordinated inside and outside I guess!? Don’t get me started on my tattoo obsession! (same scenario… it triggers an internal feeling, very liberating!)

Now my next evolution has become a dark red. Truth be told, tiktok sort of made me do it… those darn hair filters! When anyone asks me, why dark or now, why red? My response, “matches my personality, it’s spicy!”

it’s more red in person

Call me vain (I do lol) but it’s powerful to look in the mirror and feel your persona show through your outer image. The outside isn’t as important as the inside but if you can pair them up, it’s the best. Experiment carefully though, because hair dye can go very, very wrong and thats the opposite of what you want! It’s so transformative to look back on how you’ve changed visually, and then reflect on what might have been going on internally. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes me next.

xox fran


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