Aimeili Gel Nail Polish

Painting my nails is something I find incredibly relaxing. Many people like to go to the salon and have their nails done professionally. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy that occasionally. I’m sure one day with kids running under my feet, I may find myself loving a reason to have some “me” time outside of the house, but for now, I sit myself in my beauty room and settle in for an hour of DIY nails.

One catch that has always tripped me up — but probably provided me with more practice — is how quickly it came off! Regular polish doesn’t last more than a few days! It’s possible that my nails are too soft so the polish easily chips, or that my nail beds just don’t take well to the ingredients in the polishes themselves. When gel polish became a thing, I was so excited! As my husband knows I love to do things on my own (and also not spend money when I don’t have to) he gifted me an LED light years ago to try my hand at DIY at-home gel nails.

Well, all excitement came to a halt when the polish would peel off within days. I was so disappointed! I have tried so many different brands and most resulted in the same outcome. I decided that it must just be my nails. WRONG! I ordered Aimeili Gel Nail Polish from Amazon and what a difference! I ordered the Base Coat & No Wipe Top Coat set, and the Soak Off UV LED Nude Pink Gel Nail Polish set of 6 polishes. The bottles of polish are full size (10ml) which after much discovery, many brands sell teenie tiny little bottles for a similar price. There are many colour set options but the nude and pale pinks are my go-to. The consistency is thick but not as thick as some, and it is smooth and opaque. Many gel polishes are often gloopy and go on very uneven. The Aimeili polishes need 2-3 coats to get full colour payoff, which is pretty standard. However, the thickness of the polish isn’t thick enough to cause any bubbling or peeling.

Let’s talk base and top coat… amazing! My nails are natural and medium length, not super hard. Even with today’s constant and excessive handwashing, my nails have stayed intact for at least 5 days with 1 or 2 nails getting slightly lifted by day 6. The majority of my nails have stayed perfect for 8 days before I am itching to switch colours. In my opinion, this is the outcome of a great top and bottom coat. The added bonus of a no-sticky top coat is awesome because let’s face it — no one likes wiping that guck off!

The only critique I have is that the colour variation of the set I purchased isn’t incredibly diverse. A couple of the colours result in a very similar tone. Personally, I am not unhappy about it because more of what I like is preferable to me, compared to 2-3 colours that I wouldn’t use.

Overall, these are a must purchase. The total of 8 polishes cost me less than $40 and arrived at my door within a day (Amazon Prime). The polishes work with both UV or LED nail-lights. There are many colour sets and singles available online. Polish removal was easy; soak a cotton ball with acetone and sit on nail for 10 minutes under foil, and polish is easily scraped off to start again.

These polishes are all things francie approved!

Check out the Base Coat & No Wipe Top Coat set

Check out the Soak Off UV LED Nude Pink Gel Nail Polish set


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