I am such a fun in the sun advocate and yet this year I couldn’t be more excited for Fall. October has proven to be sort of gloomy and monotone weather-wise and I’m all for it. Of course the whole world feels a bit different given the last year and a half, but somehow my whole equilibrium is balanced in a new way. The laughs hit harder; the days off feel more relaxed; going out means getting fully ready to show-stop; I just haven’t felt this Fran in forever. Could it be that this is what my elders always riddled 30s would be?

“You know yourself best after you turn 30.”
“You will feel your youngest even though you’re getting older.”

All things I scoffed at when I was younger than now, but I think I finally get it. We all have these huge plans of where we’ll be when we are (blank) age. It’s possible that because I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be, that I’m finding ways to feel better about where I am? Sure, but I’ve realized that life presents itself as its’ meant to. It doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be where we hoped, it just means we have to appreciate where we are so that whatever comes next is even more valued.

For example, I haven’t ever really liked Halloween. I’m not one for the costumes, candies, and scaries. I’m more of a beach, salty fries, and tv type of gal. This year I decided to try something new. My best friend is an October baby and loves all things spooky. For his birthday we went to a farm decked out in all things spooktacular: a corn maze, a spooky maze, a haunted dead sunflower maze, scary hay ride. I swore I would be crying the whole time and in the passed I might have been.

But for this timid lady… I loved it! It was actually so frightening but I laughed after every fright. If I was where I thought I was supposed to be in life right now, would I have been able to enjoy a night out like that? I don’t think so. And yes, a spooky farm fest might seem so minimal in the grand scheme of things but what is life really? It’s a series of experiences which become our memories. When I’m old and grey (more than I already am) I will think back to focusing on myself and having fun like that rainy Halloween-esque night at the corn maze.

Here’s to loving where you’re at and making memories this October!

xox francie


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